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IT industry

We take ownership of your task, focusing on your company only, receiving the solution that you need.

No surprises or ‘whoops invoices’,
but always a fixed quotation for every individual task.

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App development

Get into the pockets of your future clients with an application.

With an App and the correct tools Xenos-IT will lift each App task to a solution that fits the needs of your company.

Web solutions

Xenos-IT is different from the crowd and makes IT plain, simple and straightforward.

Xenos-IT is at your disposal, also when it comes to your company’s PR and marketing campaigns/homepages, your webshop, a need for custom-made and workable IT-tools on the internet or your administration systems.

IT Security and Support

We have a wide range of solutions, due to our efficient and competent (colleagues)staff, also when it comes to the security of your IT systems, support and the correct server set-up, focusing on the needs of the company.

Xenos-IT is also capable of rendering assistance no matter the time of day or night and when you have time.

Marketing out of the box

No matter what kind of marketing, strategy, idea or campaign you have in mind for your company, it's important for us to know your goal and story. We can supply the needs that you may have.

We are focused on you, using your marketing funds with the best possible profits as we must hit the bull's eye first time round.

Communication & Web-TV

Make an impression that lasts by broadcasting your company out to your potential customers, either via Web-TV, your App campaign or a documentary.

You are in it from the beginning, and we are steadfast in order to reach the result your company desires. You are welcome to contact us regarding your task and ideas.

Let us join together in making your company be remembered

Hosting services

At Xenos-IT, we host your Business solutions. We offer mail-, website-, database- and cloud hosting.

Does your business need a more advanced solution? We can provide servers which are adapted exactly to your needs.


Showcase of our work

Cases CPH Casting


We have been incredibly pleased with the close cooperation of Xenos-IT, who has deployed our online system and iPhone App.

Our demands have been satisfied 100%. We will definitely come again.

CEO Kim Mølbach

Helsingør Dagblad

Xenos-IT har med sin professionelle opfattelse af struktur og funktion på alle måder levet op til vores forventninger.
Vi har opnået både det ønskede udtryk samt fået tilpasset hjemmesidens database funktioner nøjagtig til vores behov og ønsker.

Xenos-IT agerer som en professionel samarbejdspartner, med kompetent rådgivning og service.


Xenos IT developed the United Nations in Denmark’s website in a speedy and dedicated manner.

The UN communication team benefitted greatly from Xenos IT ideas, experience and advises and they quickly obtained a firm grasp of the organizations’ needs and profiles.

UN Coordination Analyst: Lise Sørensen




Xenos-It has provided a highly satisfactory website. Which has all the functions we have sought after.

The best thing about Xenos-IT is their professional way of doing things.

SOSU Nykøbing F.

Amazing space




"It is rare to find a hosting company where the service level is very high and at the same time has reasonable prices. I find it very difficult to find another hosting supplier of this high standard."

CEO Patrick Kirkby

This is Xenos-IT

We create results that set new standards for your business development.

Our focus is on you and your business needs and we take ownership of each task.

We follow the developments and are able to address the needs of individual companies in a larger context.


We are not just an alternative company to the IT industry; we are your close partner embracing the future.

An agreement with Xenos-IT is a guarantee of security, whether it is a simple website redesign, advanced App or programming solution.

We create tomorrow for your business today.

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